Welcome to ZLHUB

A divison of Digital Radio Group New Zealand

All associated AllStar nodes this Bridge runs is on the lastest HamVoIP Distribution of AllStar Link.

As you will see on the above menu there are links to each nodes and few other sites. Below is a breakdown of what they are

Node 51767 - ZLHUB

Node 51340 - ZL2XLX

Node 50238 - ZL2XLX

Node 46803 - ZL2XLX

DRGNZ Nodes - Table of the above Nodes

IsNodes - Status of ZLHUB

IRLP Status - IRLP Worldwide Status Page

XLX750 - DRGNZ XLX Transcoding Reflector

AllStar - The main Allstar Link Page to get your very own Allstar setup